The Sox.  The infamous Sox.  Known worldwide as one of the best baseball teams ever, this is a team that has garnered fans and followers from all corners and walks of life. Hated by Yankees fans. They are based out Boston, Massachusetts and they have been around for over a century.  This is a high brow team.  They compete in Major League Baseball, (MLB).

The Boston Red Sox are members of the East division of the American League, (AL). The Red Sox have thus far won no less than a full eight World Series championships.  They have appeared in twelve all in all.  This team has been on the forefront of our hearts and minds when we think of baseball.  Founded as they were in the year of 1901, the Boston Red Sox were one of the American League’s initial eight charter franchises.  They have remained as iconic and as historic as they were when they first appeared. There is no doubt about it, this is a team that has stolen more than just home, they’ve stolen our hearts and our attention time and time again.

Can I Stream the Red Sox Game for Free?

Watching sports teams play on the internet is all the rage nowadays.  There used to be nothing worse that missing out on your favorite team playing their arch rivals.  Thanks to the age of modern technology, the internet has fostered us with a platform for almost unlimited viewing.

Even today though, live streaming of sports events is sometimes difficult to find online, and it is even harder to find on a free site.  Even just catching a glimpse at a recorded version of an epic ball game can be tricky.  We’ve scoured the infamous inter web for whatever we could find though, and we still check regularly as newer and more efficient methods always seem to pop up frequently.

The Red Sox are Streaming Live on Sling TV (Sometimes)

If the Red Sox are on ESPN or Fox for a special game you can always try Sling TV. They have a free trial so there is no risk to you.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling Now Free for 7 Days

Watch the Red Sox Live via DIRECTV NOW

Want to watch the Red Sox but without the hassle of regular cable? well then AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW is one of the best services out there. Subscribers can stream live channels via the service’s app for iOS, Android and various other devices. Starting at $35 a month you’ll be able to live stream the MLB Network, Fox Sports, and ESPN. Add to that the fact that you can get free data to stream means that you can watch anything you like and for as long as you want!

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch the Red Sox on their Official Website

If you’re trying to catch a game quickly, check the score, watch the highlights, or view the commentary, the Boston Red Sox homepage is the place to be.  There’s several web pages that talk about the Red Sox, but here’s their home page.  From here you can get more than just the juicy tidbits, you can find just about anything you want to know about the Sox.  This site is the official site of the Boston Red Sox, so not only can you watch clips and see highlights of the most recent game, but the site itself also offers data and outsources links to other sites that are all about the Sox.


When it Comes to Sports, Youtube Always has Your Back

Youtube can always be counted on to provide us with quality audio and visual of our favorite sporting events.  You can always find the best of the Sox for free on the infamous Youtube, (assuming you can put up with the ads of course).

The MLB Has You Covered with Unlimited and Never Ending Boston Red Sox Action

If you’re willing to pay a small fee, the MLB offers the best of the best when it comes to live streaming, fully recorded games, and unlimited play back of all your favorite Red Sox moments. It costs a little bit to use this service, but the price you pay for what you get is negligible.

Stay Away from Illegal Sites and Pirated Content

No one likes a pirate.  Well, Jack Sparrow is an exception.  But the truth is, the Boston Red Sox need the support of their fans to keep playing and to keep wowing us with their incredible plays and victories.  Illegal sites aren’t even worth your time any way.  If you’re not getting hit with viruses, malware, buffering and foreign ads taking over your screen so you can’t even see the game, then the game video isn’t even working any way.  Totally not worth it.  We’ll keep searching for more legal, quality, and up-to-date Boston Red Sox streaming videos so check back soon!