UPDATE: The Vikings, Redzone, NFL Network and all special games are now available on Sling starting at $20 a month, no cable required. Sign up for the seven day free trial to see if it’s for you:

The Minnesota Vikings joined the NFL as an expansion team back in the 1960s. However, the Vikings started off as a team for the NFC Central and were in the Western Conference Central Division prior to that. Even though the Vikings managed to make it to four Super Bowl games but they, unfortunately, ended up losing all. Speaking of which the brand new stadium for the Vikings will start operating this year (2016) prior to which they played all the home games at the TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings despite not being the best performing team have still struck rivalries with the Green Bay Packers, Lions, and Bears. That said what’s football without a bit or rivalry?

Watch the Minnesota Vikings Online via Their Official Website

If you are a huge Minnesota Vikings fan and would like to stream the team’s latest games, interviews, and even watch the stats roll on then, the official website is a great place to start. What’s great about it is the fact that the website is free, and all the videos on it can be viewed without having to pay a dime. If you’re a time stricken millennial, this could be the ultimate free way to catch up on last night’s game just so that your peers don’t think you’re a robot. However, the website does not offer a free live streaming option so if that’s your thing (and it probably is) you can use one of the other options below. NFL Game Pass is another official option for $99 per year and it gives you access to games an hour after they air.


Live Stream Minnesota Vikings Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is an online cable service provider, what that means is that you just subscribe to Sling TV and start streaming the Minnesota Vikings online. The basic package costs just $20 a month and gives you access to ESPN and ESPN 2 both of which are known to air 80% of the Vikings games. Plus, if you download the Sling TV app you can practically stream the game live on your mobile device. You can also always upgrade to a better package which also offers Fox Sports. However, for most people, ESPN 1&2 should cut it.

Try Sling Now Free for 7 Days

Watch Vikings Games Live Without Cable with DirecTV NOW

Vikings fans are tired of being left out in the cold with cable companies.  DirecTV Now has all the cable channels you’d ever want, including the Vikings game streaming online. ESPN, Fox News and of course you’ll get those Vikings playoff games streamed live to your Minnesota igloo. Use the 7 day free trial to decide if it’s right for you.

Stream the Minnesota Vikings with the PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is just like Sling TV only a lot more expensive because it’s owned by Sony. That said the choice of sports channels are few limited to just ESPN and Fox Sports. However, if you own a PlayStation 4 and like switching between Madden NFL and the real game, then it would probably be worth the extra dough you pay.

Streaming The Minnesota Vikings for Free – Any Other Methods?

  • Verizon customers on mobile have the NFL Mobile app. It gives you Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football on the go.
  • NFL Game Pass gets you old games for $100 a season
  • Netflix, Hulu and Amazon don’t have live sports so stop asking!  They never will, dreamboy.

What About Those “Free” Illegal Live Streams?

Well, we are about done with all the legal methods. All other methods are illegal, and we don’t endorse them because they could get you jail time which is never a good thing. Think missing the Super Bowl because you’re stuck in a small cell with Big Bubba! Not exactly our idea of having a good time. All joking aside you’ll probably just get a virus and call it a day. Not a great trade-off considering you’ll mostly be watching Russian ads and buffering most of the game.