Netflix is Removing Bob’s Burgers April 1st – Here’s How to Request it Stays

Bad news, burger fans, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is leaving Netflix April 1st, and this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

As of right now, Netflix’s licensing deal with FOX to stream Bob’s Burgers is ending at the end of March, and that unfortunately means the show won’t be available on Netflix.

For those less familiar, ‘Bob’s Burgers‘ follows a cartoon family of misfits who own and operate a small burger joint. Something akin to Family Guy and The Simpsons, the series has fit in nicely with the rest of the FOX lineup and has been a ratings winner for the network.

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The show has seen a surge in popularity as of late, which has likely led to higher licensing costs, and thus Netflix had to pass on re-signing a contract for the series. It’s also possible that FOX is planning on another exclusive deal with a different service, perhaps Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Interested in requesting that Netflix keep ‘Bob’s Burgers’ stay on the service? Netflix has a handy page where you can submit your favorite movies and TV shows. We’re no sure who is paying attention at the other end of the line on this form, but we do know that Netflix picks their content based off of what people are demanding. You can put in a request here.

In general we expect more of our favorite titles to disappear from Netflix as time progresses. Their strategy is heavily focused on bringing in more Netflix originals and less on licensing content from third parties.

  • Vanessak69

    If that’s their strategy, I see myself taking my streaming business elsewhere.

    Also, boo. Bobs Burgers is my favorite Netflix title.

    • Takwin

      EVERYONE’s strategy is original content. You own it forever, don’t have to pay different fees, don’t need to negotiate anything, and can do a worldwide simultaneous release. Netflix will have so much original content in 5 years, you couldn’t watch it AND keep up with the new stuff…ever.

      The services will compete somewhat for the licensing of others’ shows, but Netflix and Amazon will get most of it, and Hulu will get some too. Netflix’s exclusives are just too good for us to cancel.

      • Vanessak69

        I get that it’s everyone strategy. Netflix does put out a lot of original content, more than I can keep up with. But I’m only interested in a portion of it. It’s also not the reason I subscribe to Netflix. If they are going to keep losing licensed content, it makes less and less sense to pay for both them and Hulu.

  • FeminismForEverybody

    hank you for contacting Netflix customer support.

    Here is the transcript from your recent chat with customer support:

    Inquiry about a show
    Hi Melissa, I’ve heard Bob’s Burgers is and is not leaving netflix on April 1st. Can you confirm one way or the other?
    Netflix Melissa
    Sure Let me check the info I have on Bob’s Burger for you, allow me a moment.
    Sure thing. Thanks
    Netflix Melissa
    You’re welcome!
    Netflix Melissa
    Hey hey, I am back! I was just checking this and as of this momen we don’t have any date of expiration for Bob’s Burger, so you don’t have to worry about Bob and Linda won’t be going anywhere! 🙂
    Haha thanks Melissa appreciate it. A lot of “news” out there saying otherwise!
    Have a good one

    • Cielmerlion

      Says it right in netflix when you watch bobs burgers in the beginning

      • Jakki Castorena

        It said the same thing about It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but it’s still there

      • Tasha

        This happens a lot. The current contract will end, but then it’s renewed and it stays up there. This happened to me with Bones a while ago. I freaked out and binged a ton of episodes. Then I contacted Netflix and the dude said the above. Usually with popular stuff, especially, they keep it going.

  • Trixie B Lulamoon

    1st april. rings a bell?

  • kdcui

    New Netflix Original: Harry’s Hotdogs!

  • Daniel Hotho

    This is just my opinion. My fiance and myself have been Netflix subscribers for years now. The Netflix content is getting worse. They keep pulling all the shows that the people care about and watch the most in place of shows of no relevance. Who cares about watching fireplace simulations? If you ask me the Netflix originals are all well and good. Without third party companies like fox and fx dropping shows on Netflix, Netflix is gonna lose subscribers.

    • Tim Paul

      No, the networks that own the shows, keep pulling them because more networks are seeing the value of streaming their content.

  • Eilian Darshan

    Season 1 and 2 are all that are up on Netflix for me. I was just watching it last night season 3 and now no longer? I didn’t see the to be removed and now I’m stuck with only 2 season of my show.

    • Dylan

      They are keeping season 1 and 2 for two more weeks, then nothing unless they renew

  • KIRA

    The reason they’re removing BB is because Netflix is now linked with Comcast, and Comcast offers the missing seasons FOR YOU TO BUY! They took them away so you will give them even more $$ than you already do. It’s insane. And yes, Netflix IS filled with stuff no one watches. How many Hitler documentaries do they have on there? Plus every single day they add a new PC show or movie just to prove how hip they are. PLEASE BRING BACK MY BELCHER FAMILY!! Otherwise I will just buy them through iTunes and cancel Netflix. THANK YOU!

  • Catt Minica

    I would rather just buy it now..Netflix is starting to just turn into a load of crap! The only shows I watch any more on the damned thing is: The Great British Baking Show, Brickleberry,Family Guy,American Dad & OF COURSE, MY LOVELY BELCHERS! Seriously..this is stupidly sad..I’ve had to watch Bordertown twice over to fill my bobs burger hole and the hole when I finished TWD…:(