Hulu, Netflix & Amazon All Wanted Star Trek ‘Very Badly’, Says CBS CEO


While the new movies have been fun and generally successful, most hardcore Trekkies have been awaiting a new television series for a more lengthy and intimate trip back to the USS Enterprise. Star Trek is coming back to television but we still know almost nothing about it beyond the 2017 premiere date. No captain, no timeline and no actors have yet been confirmed.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco today the CEO of CBS, (which owns Trek’s TV rights) says that the prospect of a new show is an idea that many streaming companies have been dreaming of:

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, they all offered us a lot of money. They all wanted it very badly. We could have taken the quick bucks from Netflix, but it shows we’re investing in a property we really believe in the future of.

He also goes on to show his confidence in a new Star Trek series debuting on CBS All Access adding:

For this relatively minor investment, this is how we’re going to get All Access to be where we want it to be: where there are millions and millions and millions of subscribers. And by putting that forward, we said to the world, ‘CBS is really serious about this.’ [We at CBS have] taken this crown jewel property and put it in a place where [we] know there are so many millions of Star Trek fans that they will pay for this.

Thus far most Star Trek fans have been pleased with the writers tapped for the show. But what would a Netflix Star Trek even look like?  Or a Hulu Star Trek? It seems we’ll never know but for fans of Star Trek it’s good to know that the series would have lived on in some form or another regardless. It looks like streaming really is the final frontier of television.

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Lol, STO Odyssey Class ship


I can imagine Netflix’s bitter disappointment that CBS wants to use Star Trek to prop up their failing streaming service. When it fails for good, then CBS can keep making Star Trek and license it off to Netflix. In the meantime, Netflix is reviving Lost in Space as a consolation prize.


I’ve watched every minute of every Star Trek show out there but I’ll be passing on this one. I will not pay.


I’ve seen every single star trek episode and movie.. most multiple times (except the reboot cause once was more than enough for me).. I really want to say the same thing.. but… i can’t say for sure. I’ll wait until the premiere.. if it is good i’ll probably pay.. if it is bad i’ll wait until DVD/Re-Runs and then record them… If that doesn’t happen then i’ll have to find another means.

Adam C

NOT GOING TO PAY for another streaming service

I’ve given up on CBS. I used to actually watch Big Bang Theory, but then I moved to an area with no local reception and I refuse to pay for cable. I struggled through a few months of trying to watch the episodes they streamed online, and then finally called it quits because the level of frustration with their horrible website was too much to bear. It would literally take a full hour just to view a 23 minute program, with the majority of that time being forced to re-watch the same ads over and over again every time the… Read more »