MSNBC, A Reliable Medium for News, Politics, Current Events, and Interesting Tidbits

MSNBC, or Microsoft/National Broadcasting Company, is one of the most renown cable news television programs out there.  Millions of Americans watch it.  This is a classic American basic cable and satellite television network organization that provides various news coverage and political commentary.  MSNBC gets its material from NBC News on current events and items of interest and popularity. It joins Fox News and CNN as cable’s big three channels.

In the tides of politics, MSNBC leans left.  The network is known for carrying various ‘opinion’ programming blocks and segments that weigh heavily on a largely liberal slant.  This good ol’ left wing really comes out most notably during prime time hours too when the network is getting the vast majority of its viewers.

With the MSN App – Watch Live!


With all the intense emotion and fiery rhetoric about the upcoming election, the American populace has been legitimately clamoring for ways to get their news fast, easy, on time, and preferably free.  The free part is the most difficult part though, and even just finding good quality streamed content can be irksome too.  We’ve combed through the infamous World Wide Web for you to try and find which sites and methods offer streaming and which ones are just a hassle and a waste of your precious time.

I Know What MSNBC Is, How do I Watch It and How do I Watch it Now?

Like many other popular news networks, there are many different ways to tap into you trusted MSNBC and hook up with your daily dose of the news.  The fastest way to get the goodies and the most interesting tidbits is through their official website.  This will only allow you to see small sections though without a subscription.

Some of the most popular shows on MSNBC are:

  • Morning Joe
  • The Rachel Maddow Show
  • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
  • All In with Chris Hayes
  • The Ed Show
  • Hardball with Chris Matthews
  • PoliticsNational with Al Sharpton
  • Lockup
  • The Cycle

MSNBC also has their own online streaming option.  You can go right to their website again and click on MSNBC Live and tap right into the news. You’ll need a cable login for this to work, though.

We keep hearing rumors about it, but we have yet to see MSNBC stream on Hulu or Netflix.  Streaming is still a little behind the times for news networks, but as soon as Netflix and Hulu start streaming MSNBC, we’ll be the first to hear about it, and we’ll post about it and spread the good word!

Another good idea is to keep an eye on YouTube.  As streaming for news networks has stayed somewhat undeveloped, YouTube has been picking up the slack with various YouTube demigods posting the most interesting news stories from MSNBC news sources as soon as they are released.

Watch MSN Shows, News Programs & Much More

MSNBC epitomizes everything about current events and modern times while throwing in its own liberal twist and flare.  Coming in a little slower than the rest, the streaming sector of the world wide web is still a little behind on the times when it comes to finding an efficient way to mass-stream news stories as they are happening without consuming a continent of bandwidth. MSNBC is no exception but they’re coming along.

Some ideas and methods are being tossed around and practiced, and there are ways to do this though none are the epitome of convenience without also costing a few bucks.  We’re hoping that MSNBC can make their material even more available in the near future and when they do, we’ll be the first to tell you about it.