Ever Tried Cancelling PlayStation Vue? Some Interesting Clues of What Might Come

Most streaming services can be a bit cagey about what new service offerings they might be bringing in future releases in order to keep everyone’s expectations in check. But sometimes little things slip through the cracks, perhaps hinting at what new features might be joining their services.

If you try to cancel PlayStation Vue, there’s a long list of questions they ask, most likely in an attempt to gather information to help them create the best possible service. And those things listed? Certainly some extremely promising additions.

Check out the full questionnaire below, hinting at potential price drops, the addition of HBO, live sports channels such as the NFL Network and the MLB Network, and major networks such as A&E, History Channel, Lifetime and more.

playstation vue expansions

Certainly plenty to consider about creating a one stop shop for most entertainment needs. I think the entire cord cutting community is waiting for someone to create a simplified hub where all apps are easily accessible while maintaining a reasonable price. No easy task, sure, but to the victor goes the spoils. The digital streaming world is waiting for the next giant leap, but due to the complicated nature of being a one-size-fits-all service has made creating such an offering extremely difficult.

What of the above options do you think are most important to you? Let us know in the comments.

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yeah so . sky done the same


Give me History, MMLB network, and NFL Network and I’ll be completely satisfied with my Vue service. I’m pretty happy with it now as it is, other than no android app

Spencer Walker

History a&e and a price drop for playstation plus subscribers maybe 5 dollars off on all packages so basic would be 25


No one question about Roku compatibility? Lol! I guess they assume that if you tried the service you already have a compatible device. Fair enough. But the last time I checked Vue’s FAQ page there was nothing about Roku compatibility. Haha!!! The must be THE most frequently asked question about their service. Smh


Price drop and History Channel