CW Releases its Fall Schedule. What Shows Will Stream on Netflix and Hulu?

the-cw-on-netflix-hulu The fact of the matter is The CW has been on fire lately. They’ve picked a specific niche and really run with it, and with that risk started to draw in some serious viewership numbers. Often considered a bit of a “second rate” network rarely included in conversations along the big four, looking at their fall lineup is a good reminder that they’ve picked a solid set of shows, as proven by the low cancellations over the past year. Shows like The Flash, Super Natural and Vampire Diaries have drawn in the big numbers and thus begun the flywheel of being able to afford more blockbuster series. I won’t try and argue this is a formula that will work forever, but it’s certainly working now, and if the quality of these shows remains consistent, will at least keep CW on the rise over the next few years. Below you’ll see the fall schedule for CW, then below that, our best guesses as to whether or not Hulu or Netflix will stream these series. MONDAY 8PM: Crazy-Ex Girlfriend 9PM: Jane The Virgin TUESDAY 8PM: The Flash 9PM: iZombie WEDNESDAY 8PM: Arrow 9PM: Supernatural THURSDAY 8PM: Vampire Diaries 9PM: The Originals FRIDAY 8PM: Reign 9PM: America’s Next Top Model

Update: September 7th, 2015

Will Netflix or Hulu stream these shows?

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

The only new series coming to CW this fall (isn’t that impressive? they only needed to fill one slot). Ripped from Showtime, Crazy Ex Girlfriend joins CW in October. A bit more adult-themed than many of the other CW offerings, I’ll be watching the returns on this one closely. Will Crazy Ex Girlfriend be on Netflix? I’d bet this one finds its way on Netflix after the first season, but the CW can be a bit picky about what ends up on Netflix (Smallville anyone?!) Will Crazy Ex Girlfriend be on Hulu? Odds are good the usual Hulu distribution takes effect here, with the most recent (up to five) episodes streaming on Hulu. Will there be another season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend? No word yet from The CW, this could be an interesting experiment.

Jane The Virgin

watch-jane-the-virgin-online Jane The Virgin has one of the wildest premises on television about a young engaged virgin who accidentally ends up pregnant at a routine doctor’s visit. I’ll leave it at that. The show certainly has viewers though, so The CW probably knows more what their viewers want than I do. Will Jane The Virgin be on Netflix? Not yet, CW hasn’t given up the distribution rights on this one. Will Jane The Virgin be on Hulu? You can stream the most recent five episodes of Jane The Virgin on Hulu. The show is pretty linear though, so this doesn’t do a lot of good for those just getting started on the series. Will there be another season of Jane The Virgin? Ratings are pretty solid on this one, so I would expect to see another season ordered.

The Flash

the-flash-new-season Certainly one of CW’s most successful shows at the moment, The Flash follows a similar equation to Smallville and Arrow. Will The Flash be on Netflix? The Flash’s first season should be on Netflix October 2015. Great news for all its fans who want to rewatch before the next season premieres. Will The Flash be on Hulu? Currently the most recent episodes are available on Hulu but no word on an extension here. Hard to get started with this show without any context on earlier episodes. Will there be another season of The Flash? Great news, The Flash has another season coming and it is set to air this fall!


iZombie, another massive hit (notice a trend here), brings a bit of modern technology to the zombie teen horror comedy genre. Will iZombie be on Netflix? Not in the stars for now. Netflix and CW haven’t made any announcements about streaming iZombie on Netflix anytime soon. Will iZombie be on Hulu? The most recent five episodes of iZombie are available on Hulu (noticing a trend here?). No word on expanding this any further to older episodes. Will there be another season of iZombie? The show has been building up a pretty serious following, I would expect there will be another season following the fall’s newest season of iZombie.


watch-arrow-online-free Arguably The CW’s most successful and talked about show at the moment, Arrow continues its reign on the network as a powerhouse show similar to Smallville and The Flash. Is Arrow on Netflix? You can currently stream the first two episodes of Arrow on Netflix, but no word on the third season yet, likely to come soon before the fourth season kicks off. Is Arrow on Hulu? You can watch the five most recent episodes of Arrow on Hulu, which helps a bit if you have missed a few of the more recent episodes, otherwise you might have to head back to Netflix if you’re just starting out with the show. Will there be another season of Arrow? There is zero chance The CW cancels this show anytime soon as it has become a staple for the network.


Another powerhouse, Supernatural is a bit darker than a few of the other shows on The CW, but nonetheless remains a major focus for the network over the last decade. Is Supernatural on Netflix?  You can currently stream the first nine seasons of Supernatural on Netflix. No word yet on this updating before the fall to include the most recent season. Is Supernatural on Hulu? Five of the most recent episodes of Supernatural are on Hulu, which should help with those of you who might have missed a few of the more recent episodes. Will there be another season of Supernatural? The show has been a major feature on The CW for the last decade and The CW has expressed a major commitment to the series, meaning yes, the odds are really good there will be another season of Supernatural.

Vampire Diaries

The CW has basically said everyone at the network is obsessed with keeping this show going, Vampire Diaries has been a major hit for years and its audience continues to grow. Is Vampire Diaries on Netflix? Yep, you can currently stream the first five seasons on Netflix, so for those of you looking to get started streaming Vampire Diaries, this is a great place to start. Is Vampire Diaries on Hulu? Like all shows on The CW, you can stream the five most recent episodes of Vampire Diaries on Hulu, meaning this is a great place to go if you’re just a few episodes behind. Will there be another season of Vampire Diaries? The CW has expressed interest in airing Vampire Diaries for at least 10 seasons, and have said they hope it becomes the network’s next Supernatural.

The Originals

You wanted a vampire/werewolf hybrid show and The CW delivered. The Originals is picking up steam after a strong first season, and looks like it will continue to grow as The CW has locked this series down once again. Is The Originals on Netflix? You can currently stream the first season of The Originals on Netflix. No word yet on when season two of The Originals will be on the service, but it should be relatively soon with the fall season announcements. Is The Originals on Hulu? The five most recent episodes are available to stream on Hulu, meaning for those of you just a few behind, this is a great place to get caught up with the series. Will there be another season of The Originals? The Originals will have another season this fall, no word on a renewal after that, but the ratings have been pretty solid thus far.


reign-new-season-online One of The CW’s most original series, Reign has a bit of a historical twist following the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots in France. Is Reign on Netflix? The first season of Reign is on Netflix, no word on the second season yet but it seems likely we should see the second season on Netflix sometime in the early fall. Is Reign on Hulu? Reign’s most recent five episodes are streaming on Hulu for those of you who just need to catch up with a few recent episodes. Will there be another season of Reign? Reign has been renewed for a third season so never fear friends. No word on a fourth season of Reign yet.

America’s Next Top Model

Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model has been a massive success, with each season bringing in a fun cast of characters through The CW’s only reality TV show. Is America’s Next Top Model on Netflix? No agreement here between Netflix and The CW to stream America’s Next Top Model. Doesn’t seem like this is set to change anytime soon either. Is America’s Next Top Model on Hulu? Great news Hulu Plus subscribers, you can watch every episode of America’s Next Top Model online via Hulu. Non-subscribers can still watch the five most recent episodes. Will there be another season of America’s Next Top Model? Yes, a new season of America’s Next Top Model is launching this fall.