You Can Now Yell At Your Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Commands

amazon alexa fire tv

Finally, you can now yell angrily at your Amazon Fire TV to start playing ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ only to have it start up the Tom Hanks film ‘Philadelphia’ and perhaps accidentally turn the heat up to 81 degrees in the house using Alexa’s search functionality.

We have been expecting this one a while, but Amazon has just announced that their Fire TV device will now expand Alexa voice search to allow voice controls through their interface.

This expansion will also allow for users to interact through voice commands with the major apps on the device including HBO, Hulu and more.

For those unfamiliar with Alexa, it is the voice command software baked into the Amazon Echo device, a “smart home” centralized hub of somewhat valuable information. Things you can ask the Echo for often times include weather reports, news in brief, tidbits of information and more. Still a developing technology, but an interesting direction for Amazon to go.

Just about every major service is now tilting towards voice commands in order to simplify our life and make their resources and tools accessible and hands free. But as anyone can tell you, voice search can sometimes be a little frustrating when it fails to work after three (or thirty) tries.