cant-find-streamingThe music industry actually led the way into our new streaming media world. Between the old Napster and YouTube many of us got access to some of our favorite artists for the first time via streaming devices, particularly millennials. But even though the world of music has moved into a brave new system of streaming there are still some individual artists that refuse to capitulate. Tool, Adele, Coldplay and Taylor Swift are just a few. So what’s holding these artists back? And what can we do to get them to stream their music online for free. Here’s a bit of insight into where each of these artists stands.

Is Tool on Spotify or Streaming?

Never heard of Tool? They’re that angsty rock band from the late 90’s that sand about how they knew “the pieces fit”. Metal fans worship Tool for their deep, layered music. but lead singer Maynard has called digital music “disconnected” and we don’t expect them to relent any time soon. It adds to their mystique. So you better buy that copy of Lateralus one more time because vinyl is the only way to experience it, am I right?

tool-streaming-spotifyIs Adele on Spotify or Streaming

Everyone likes Adele, her music and her personality. But you may not like the fact that you won’t find her music on Spotify or iTunes because, like her friend Taylor Swift she is pulling her music from streaming services. She wants you to buy her whole album as opposed to that one catchy song she’ll have when it’s released. Will you conform or just resort to pirating that Adele album?

Is Metallica Streaming or on Spotify?

Metallica was the first. Back in the early 00’s they refused to hop on the iTunes bandwagon. Most other bands did, luckily and almost every other band has their music streaming online. But Metallica is holding strong to the belief that the only way to listen to music is through a cassette tape, CD or some other physical contraption that will be completely obsolete within 5 years. Go Metallica go! You really know how to ROCK into the future of music.

Is Taylor Swift on Spotify?

Taylor Swift’s roe with Spotify and Apple is probably the highest profile fight on this subject in existence. She refused to put her music on iTunes until she was paid a bit more (she needed the cash, ok?) but eventually came to a resolution where she got the money she was looking for. Spotify has refused to negotiate with Swift and does not feature her music online.

Are The Beatles on Spotify or Streaming for Free?


Update: Holy Moses, The Beatles are now streaming on Spotify! A Christmas 2015 miracle

We can’t blame The Beatles for not putting their music on streaming services. If you owned the rights to their songs you’d milk them for everything they’re worth too! Plus two of them are no longer with us so we can’t blame them. The Beatles collection is available on iTunes for a steep price. But they’re not on Spotify and probably never will be. Gotta keep that Beatlemania rolling for another decade or so before no one cares.

Are there any other artists who aren’t on Spotify or other streaming services you’d like us to feature? Leave us a comment below and we’ll dive in.