What’s New Streaming on Hulu This Week, March 9th – March 15th 2016

new on hulu march 9th 2015

With Hulu, we get a constant stream of new streaming content every day, from new Hulu originals to network television next-day streaming. So here’s a few top picks to help you in the coming week if you’re not sure what you should stream next on Hulu.

New Girl – 100th episode, March 9th

Even without the actual new girl in the current episodes while Zoey Deschanel is on maternity leave, ‘New Girl’ is still in a great rhythm and might be one of the funniest comedies currently on television. Good news for the show creators and cast too, as the series will be celebrating its 100th episode this week, which will be available and streaming on Hulu March 9th

11.22.63 – 5th Episode, March 14th

Hulu’s biggest original series yet, the Franco-led 11.22.63, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, has instantly become a favorite around Exstreamist. And we can tell you first hand, it only gets better as time goes on.  If you start this weekend, you’ll easily catch up before the fifth episode premieres next Monday the 14th.

Of Kings and Prophets – Series Premiere, March 9th

New shows are always fun. We try to give almost everything at least a chance, so of course we’ll see what ‘Of Kings and Prophets’ is all about. We wrote a guide on how to watch Of Kings and Prophets online here, but you can also catch the new premiere this week on Hulu.

The Bachelor – Season Finale, March 15th 

Who doesn’t want to know how it all ends for Ben and his two loves? We wrote a guide on how to watch The Bachelor online here if you’re curious, but with the season coming to a close, no better way to watch this romantic road of ridiculousness end than on Hulu next Tuesday, March 15th.