What Should You Watch Next on Hulu? Let the Magic Cube Decide

hulu magic cube

Ah the age old struggle of trying to find what to watch. Hulu thinks it has the answer though, with its new app ‘The Magic Cube.’

Make recommendations based off of what type of show you’re looking to watch, and the ‘Magic Box’ will return a recommendation for what you can stream instantly from their service.┬áSo if you’re looking for a comedy series with witty dialog, simply select those descriptions from the list and the box will spit out a handful of shows you can choose from.

There’s no doubt that the world of streaming television is only getting more and more confusing, with countless ways to stream a select handful of shows on each service. On top of this, the list of services continues to grow and the content between them all gets spread thinner and thinner.

Check out Hulu’s Magic Cube here.