Westworld Season One HBO’s Most Popular First Season Ever

HBO, that little network known for some shows you might have heard of like ‘Game of Thrones‘ and ‘The Sopranos’ took another big swing this fall by picking up Westworld several years ago. The series went through a few re-writes and delays, but as far as we can tell, this paid off in a big way.

Deadline is reporting┬áthat Westworld’s first season is HBO’s biggest season premiere ever, topping GoT, among others.

Over 12 million people on average watched the first season of ‘Westworld’ which is massive if one thinks about the somewhat limited reach of HBO. We’re not talking a major broadcast network here, instead a premium channel that costs a pretty penny every month for most consumers.

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood, the show boasted a massive cast. But most importantly, the series immediately captivated with an amazing season premiere. The first few episodes of Westworld felt mysterious and eerie, certainly spreading word of mouth for the series, something HBO relies heavily on in order to create successful hits.

Westworld is one of HBO’s biggest budget blockbusters to-date, but it does seem to be paying off.

Without spoiling anything from the first season, there are plenty of questions remaining for a second season, and the series has been renewed for at least a second season, with plans for up to five total.

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