We Spent 13% More Time Watching Netflix in 2015 Compared to 2014

Netflix announced at CES that they stream 125 million hours of video a day, absolutely stunning us as to the absolute quantity of data and technology required to bring us all these movies and TV shows.

Nathan McAlone over at Business Insider just reported that not only are the numbers of subscribers going up leading to such an astronomical number of content streaming daily, but the service is in fact seeing a major increase in the total amount of time we all spend each day binging.

UBS analysis of Netflix concluded that there has been an increase of 13% in the total amount of time Netflix subscribers spent streaming between 2014-2015, which you can see reflected in the graph below:

netflix usage

Surprisingly, this comes at a time where Netflix content has actually decreased in volume over the past two years, meaning that Netflix has gotten far superior at curating the shows and movies we actually want to watch. Sure, it sucks that ‘King of the Hill’ isn’t on Netflix anymore, no argument there, but with a consistent stream of original TV shows, and now even movies, subscribers must be feeling they’re getting value out of their $10-a-month subscription.

There’s also likely some correlation between this increase in usage and continued increases in the number of people cancelling their cable subscriptions, thus resulting in streaming services becoming the prime source of entertainment for consumers.

How about you? Are you spending more time watching Netflix than you did last year? What shows are you currently watching?