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Watch ‘The Grand Tour’ Season Two Online Here

When the ‘Top Gear’ star crew was removed (or left) the BBC, there were tons of worried fans wondering whether or not this was going to be their last time watching the boys play with just about every car imaginable, in various locations around the world.

Thankfully for these fans, Amazon Prime picked up the show under the new name ‘The Grand Tour,’ and fans of the show have loved the first season.

And great news, today, you can now stream season two of ‘The Grand Tour’ online through Amazon Video. If you’re already a subscriber, you can log in now and watch the show immediately. For those of you without Amazon Prime, you can get a free 30 day trial here, giving you full access to the show as well.

Watch The Grand Tour Here

If you’re wondering if the show is just a clone of ‘Top Gear’ or is more of a standalone show. There are definitely similarities and fans of the original show will definitely see them, but for the most part, ‘The Grand Tour’ feels like a version two of the show in a way, they’ve done a great job building a new set of segments.

Amazon has bet big on ‘The Grand Tour,’ as they plan on keeping to expand their streaming service in big ways. They just recently signed a one billion dollar deal to build out a ‘Lord of the Rings’ series. There is no doubt that Amazon is betting big on being a part of the streaming television revolution.