Watch ‘The Expanse’ Premiere Streaming Online Today Free on Facebook

watch the expanse online

A lot of content providers have realized the power in releasing an episode of a new series for free online can be a quick and easy way to get new fans invested early in a series. It also gives the networks a good idea of what to expect for total viewership numbers, at least in some cases, helping them gauge just how successful a show’s season might be.

And a lot of other content owners have just simply realized the power of digital streaming and have begun offering television shows online, either ad supported or for a monthly subscription.

SyFy is releasing their newest series ‘The Expanse’ on their website here shortly, where viewers will be able to tune in to watch the show online. But even more fun, the series premiere episode is now available in its entirety on Facebook.

Stream the first episode of ‘The Expanse’ here for free

For those less familiar, the series is based off of a popular book of the same name, set 200 years in the future as the main characters attempt to solve the mystery of a missing young woman.

The series premieres on SyFy December 14th, so we’re assuming this video will be available for streaming until then.

Watch the series trailer for ‘The Expanse’ below: