Watch ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ Online Free with CW Seed

watch the ben stiller show online

The CW Seed has been quietly racking up quite the library of television shows as of late. From being able to stream Whose Line is it Anyways online free to their recent release of ‘The OC’ in its entirety, CW’s streaming site Seed is quickly becoming a must stop shop for some great television.

And while this most recent announcement won’t quite draw in as many eyeballs as the rest of CW Seed’s recent news, we’re still excited to announce that the streaming service is now offering ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ in its entirety for free online as well.

The series was a short-lived comedy sketch show starring, you guessed it, Ben Stiller. Not just any Ben Stiller though, this is early 1990s Ben Stiller before he was super famous for his roles in some comedy classics such as Dodgeball and Zoolander. You’ll also recognize some other famous names including Andy Dick,Janeane Garofalo and Bob Odenkirk, who all take part in the comedy series.

You probably weren’t sitting around wondering how to stream ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ online, but now that it’s available, there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick trip down memory lane. The series does a great job truly encapsulating those semi-awkward years of the early 90s, where everyone was waking up with a hangover from the 80s, but hadn’t quite hit the past few decades of societal advancement.