Now you may have watched serials and numerous films depicting the rise of kingpins in the underworld, but this one is about a Queen! Yea that’s right USA Network, home of Mr Robot finally got around to filming a serial based on a popular novel by a similar name.

Queen of the South as you’d expect takes viewers into the mind and lives of female drug barons. That’s why you’ll be witnessing lots of cocaine snorting, people being shot up and steamy scenes. If that’s not enough, there are your regular chase scenes thrown in for some extra kick. Though don’t expect this to be your regular Superwoman type chick flick because it’s not! It’s a guy flick with a woman in the driving seat.

So how can you watch Queen of the South online and for free? Well, there are a couple of ways as we will go right into below.

Live Stream Queen of the South on Sling

Sling TV currently includes an array of channels as part of their online offering. The service is the best thing since cable television because with it you can take your cable subscription along with you in the pocket i.e. mobile device and on your computer. Over three dozen channels and counting for just $20 a month is not a bad deal. However, as of now Sling TV does not have USA Network as part of its subscription. So, this option is not exactly an option at the moment.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch Queen of the South Live without Cable Using DIRECTV NOW

If you’re into shows like The Shannara Chronicles and Game of Thrones or channels like USA Network and Fox Sports then you’ll love DIRECTV NOW. You’ll get the same channels you would on basic cable but for a much more reasonable price. There’s a seven day trial so try this service for free if you’re interested.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch Queen of the South on the Official USA Online Channels

The official website like all other networks’ official site has all the goodies you’d expect. There are previous episodes, and live streaming directly via your web browser. You can also download their app which is fairly straightforward to use and gives you access to all the episodes of Queen of the South free but there is a condition.


The condition is that you need to be a subscriber to the USA Network via your cable service provider. You then need to provide your credentials via the app or the website to gain access and watch Queen of the South free online. If you don’t then probably try begging, borrowing and stealing from family and friends. If all else fails, it’s time to move on to the next option below.

Is Queen of the South on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime?

At the moment, neither of these major online streaming services have picked up the series. However, they are usually late to the party which means that you could expect episodes of Queen of the South to start appearing sometime late 2016. That said there is no confirmed word at the moment and at $3 on average per episode, it’s not exactly a cheap option for lowlifes like yourself.

Hulu does have a lot of USA content so it may show up there. Amazon will have the episodes for sale the next day.

So what other options do you have? Well, there is on nefarious one left if you’re up to it!

The nefarious option is something we don’t endorse, and so it’s for informational purposes only. You can search for episodes of Queen of the South for free via Google, and you’ll run into numerous torrent websites. Just download a torrent. You can also stream USA Network live via a strange looking Russian live streaming channels by searching for USA Network free streaming.  We can’t advise you to do this though because you’ll probably end up with malware, a lawsuit or both.  Use one of the above options instead.