Watch Netflix with Your Distant Friends Using Showgoers

watch netflix with friends

We just recently discovered OttoPlay, perhaps one of our favorite new streaming toys that allows you to channel surf through your streaming services.

And today, we found another great Chrome extension that allows you to stream Netflix movies and TV shows at the exact same time as your friends and family.

Showgoers allows Netflix users to queue up a movie or TV series and then share a link with distant friends and family that instantly starts the content at the same place you’re at as well. The Showgoers use case is perfect for long distance relationships and friendships who still want to imagine watching a movie together at the same time.

You can watch a brief demo of how simple Showgoers is here.

While it might seem a bit unnecessary as one could try and just hitting play at the same time, but this extension makes it super easy to sync up. No awkward phone calls trying to get it all working, no pausing and rewinding to get on the same time, etc.