Watch Netflix with Friends Long Distance with Netflix Party

There used to be a fun feature long ago that allowed two people in different locations to sync up their Netflix accounts and start streaming a movie or TV show at the exact same time.

For whatever reason, this feature disappeared despite the cries of Netflix subscribers, that they did enjoy this functionality offered through devices such as Xbox.

Regardless, a random internet hero has emerged and brought back a simple Chrome extension that allows for those of us hoping to watch a movie or TV series at the same time as long distance loved-ones to do so.

netflix party

Netflix Party is simple, asks for very little permissions of your browser, and offers a way to sync up while binging the newest season of House of Cards this March. The extension ties directly into your Chrome browser, asks for you to sync up with a friend on the other end of the internet and offers a great way to watch a show with people not in the same room as you.

We’re not sure why Netflix hasn’t simply added this functionality themselves, but for whatever reason it’s not baked into the streaming service. Thankfully, Stephen Boyer has made it easier than ever to do so.

Download it directly from the Chrome store here.