[WATCH] Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘The Grand Tour’ Premieres on Amazon Prime Video – Stream Free

the grand tour amazon

Finally! After years of being off television, Jeremy Clarkson and his crew of car gurus are back on the airwaves.

Or at least the cableways…

Their new series ‘The Grand Tour’ is now streaming on Amazon and will be available for those who have an Amazon Prime subscription (you can get a free trial of a Prime subscription here).

Clarkson and crew have stated that this series will be taken a slightly different direction than ‘Top Gear’ but judging by the trailers we’ve seen, the show will still feature plenty of hijinx that fans of the crew’s original show grew to know and love.

There was a bit of a rocky fallout between Clarkson and the BBC, which has led to Amazon inking a massive deal with ‘Top Gear’ crew for a new series. The current version of the BBC show with new hosts has been floundering a bit, as the show’s new hosts just haven’t been able to capture the Jeremy Clarkson magic.

‘The Grand Tour’ has been signed for a multi-year deal with Amazon, so fans don’t have to worry about the show disappearing too soon after the first season. It will be interesting to see what this does for Amazon Prime membership numbers as well, as excitement for the show has been building rapidly over the past year.

You can get a free trial of Amazon Prime here and thus watch ‘The Grand Tour’ online free.

Let us know what you think of the new series in the comments below, we’re excited to hear your thoughts!