Watch First Sketch from New Netflix Original W/ Bob & David

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are back.

Netflix signed the comedic duo behind the short-lived but cult favorite ‘Mr. Show’ to a new sketch series streaming exclusively on Netflix. The series premieres on Netflix November 13th, but we get a brief but very promising first peek below:

For those who were fans of Mr. Show the above W/ Bob and David clip probably brings back old memories. The look and feel of the comedy, dialog, chemistry and more all feel like the duo hadn’t spent the past 15 years apart on their own successful projects.

As many know, Bob Odenkirk starred as “Saul” the attorney of drug kingpin Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, and now stars as the same character but in a lead role in spinoff ‘Better Call Saul.’ David Cross had a run on FOX-turned-Netflix Original comedy Arrested Development, a project that has seen some ups and downs, but certainly brought notoriety to Cross as an actor.

W/ Bob & David releases in its entirety November 13th streaming as a new Netflix original series.