BrainDead is a horror series by none other than CBS, which focuses on brain dead politicians. Since we all know that politicians are pretty much brain dead to begin with the show does not come as a surprise. However, unlike what you may assume aliens have been feasting on the noodles of the top names at Capitol Hill, and the number of politicians with no brains has been increasing. Now it’s up to the fresh-faced staffer who just landed a career-making job on the Hill in Washington, DC to do something about this new alien threat.

The show features lawmakers with no brains, sharp increases in volume and maybe some blood. However, CBS is a pretty tough cookie to crack especially if you’re so poor that you don’t have cable. Maybe you don’t really care for watching TV with your parents because you’re so darn hip!

The good news is that we know of a few places online that you can go to watch what’s turning out to be a hit TV show. Luckily you don’t have to use your brain all too much to figure it out because we have done it for you!

Stream Brain Dead with the Official CBS App or Website

CBS All Access is the online version of CBS, there are two ways you can get access to it the first being by subscribing to their regular cable version. So, if you’ve subscribed to them via the cable service provider, just entering your username and password on their website or app will give you access and you can watch BrainDead for free.

Watch CBS Free for 30 Days

If you don’t have cable you can still get access, but you’ve got to pay for it. The first 7 days are free then you’re charged $5.99 a month. That said you can access just about every and any episode of BrainDead and everything else CBS broadcasts for free on your iPad, iPhone, Android device, and PC.

You can also do the same thing on the website but you’ll have to watch commercials and only have access to the most recent episodes.


Download Brain Dead on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and iTunes

While many CBS shows have been major money makers for all four of the big names in the online streaming industry the show has yet to be picked up. Though we can expect that all or any one or two of these services will come to their financial senses and add the show to their list but don’t expect up to date episodes anytime soon.

Don’t Pirate Brain Dead or You’ll be Sorry

Unfortunately, the above are the only two legal ways to watch BrainDead. But on the internet anything is possible so there are less legal or should I say nefarious means to watch BrainDead online but these are not advised. If anything you could end finding the FBI searching your apartment or watching you visit these nefarious channels.

A search for “Stream CBS Online for free”, or “Watch BrainDead for Free” on Google should help you find dozens of websites that offer free streaming, and you can download off a torrent website for free. But you will be breaching copyright… so only undertake if you’re totally BrainDead!