Virtual Ready on Hulu? Coming in November 2015

hulu virtual reality

There’s no denying that Virtual Reality will be coming soon.

Now will it be a flash in the pan or the next huge platform is yet to be seen. Some heavyweights in the tech industry are certainly investing huge in the space, most notably Facebook who bought Occulus for upwards of two billion dollars, and we expect to see even more major moves in the coming months as platforms from Microsoft, Facebook, Google and more all begin revealing themselves publicly.

So now the interesting question is, what third party apps will be huge hits on these new devices? We’re of course super interested in all things streaming, so we’re excited to see what each service will offer on this new way to distribute content. Netflix has already announced a rudimentary ‘theater’ in VR world that signaled the streaming service is certainly researching the possibility of developing more on the platform.

Hulu announced recently as well that they’re looking to play ball in virtual reality. Tim Connolly, Hulu’s head of distribution said they’re “ready to go” when it comes to streaming on VR devices, specifically on Samsung’s Gear VR headset, launching next month. This should make for some interesting competition between Netflix, Hulu and YouTube as all three are poised to compete for our attention on these new devices.

These apps in their current form will most likely just give us a way to stream movies and TV shows through these new virtual reality devices. However it doesn’t take a VR expert to see the massive potential in offering some unique VR-specific content. Imagine being able to take part in some of your favorite television shows and movies. Virtual reality devices should make for some extremely fascinating experiences when it comes to consuming content.