The Toronto Blue Jays are the only MLB franchise teams based outside of the US.  Headquartered in obviously Toronto, Ontario, they are members of the East division of the AL along with the Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles with their home turf being the Rogers Centre formerly called SkyDome. The team does not have a stellar record, but they certainly have a lot of talent on board. They were a powerhouse of the AL East division picking up championships for nine consecutive seasons, in addition to the 91-93 season. They share a division with the Orioles, Blue Jays, Yankees,Rays. 

Here are a few different ways to watch the Blue Jays game online.

Sling TV is a Great Way to Watch the Blue Jays Live

When you subscribe to Sling TV, you don’t need to have anything to do with cable television, set-top boxes or the cable guy. Sling TV costs $19.99 a month for the standard package which includes both ESPN and ESPN2, so streaming the Toronto Blue Jays live online is doable across just about any device you may own.

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Fubo has most Live MLB Games Too!

Fubo is another service where cable is not required and you’ll get access to almost every MLB game you need for a low monthly fee you can cancel at any time. Give FuboTV a try as well:

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If the Blue Jays are on ESPN, Try ESPN+

If your team has a special evening game on Sunday Night Baseball or ESPN, you’ll need ESPN+ or one of the streaming services with ESPN included to stream said game:

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Stream games anywhere using a VPN

If you already have a streaming service, but want to watch a game not broadcasting in your area, consider using a VPN to allow streaming of your favorite team. For example, if you’re in California, but want to watch The Blue Jays online, a VPN like NordVPN will allow you to do just that.


Use Hulu Live to watch games online

Hulu is a powerhouse when it comes to offering live streams. So if the game you’re hoping to watch is on one of the networks they stream, this could also be a good option for you!

Try Hulu Live Free is the Virtual Home of the Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have an official online presence thanks to the MLB. The website or more like a section of the main website which is dedicated to the team features all the latest updates including scores and video streaming. Though you will be able to watch the Toronto Blue Jays for free online via this website but the games will not be live. At best you’ll be able to stream highlights from last night’s game. Though it’s not bad for someone searching for a freebie.


MLB has an Official Streaming Service with which you can Stream the Blu Jays Game

The MLB has entered into the digital age to satisfy every millennial’s insatiable appetite for online content. Short of selling hot dogs online, the official MLB TV website allows subscribers to the channel to stream the Toronto Blue Jays for free! The catch if you’ve already not read this correctly is that you have to be a subscriber via your cable service provider.

If you want a truly online experience and don’t want to be associated with the low tech likes of your cable service provider then you can sign up for an online monthly subscription for $19.99. The subscription will enable you to stream the Toronto Blue Jays online via their excellent iPhone and Android app. The only catch is if you’re a Canadian in Canada (apparently), the MLB will black you out!

Watch the Toronto Blue Jays Live via AT&T TV NOW

Want to watch the Blue Jays play live online but don’t want to miss a day at work? Then you need to be a AT&T TV NOW subscriber. The service streams live TV channels to your mobile device (iOS and Android), you can also stream on your computer via a web browser. Depending on the subscription you choose you can stream dozens of channels including ESPN, Fox Sports, and the MLB Network.



There are a few other ways to watch the Toronto Blue Jays live for free but they are illegal and because of that we will not go into it here.