best scifi on netflix

Aliens! Strange green goo! Obey! Obey! We love Sci-Fi at Exstreamist, in fact if you were to ask anyone here what we think the best genre of movie is, a  large percentage of folks would say anything to do with science fiction.

So what are the best sci-fi movies on Netflix? We’ll break down our top 10 below, but be forewarned, of most major genres on the streaming service, sci-fi is actually one of the most lacking. On top of which a good chunk of the movies listed under their sci-fi category can barely be counted… but without getting too snobby, we pick our 10 best sci-fi movies from the list below.

As always, we’ll try and keep this list as up to date as possible, but please let us know if any of the titles listed below aren’t on Netflix anymore

10) Parallels

Probably a bit more on the ridiculous side than the serious action sci-fi it tries to be, but we loved Parallels for the concept alone. Plenty of twists, some good psychological elements, and a great overall feel. 

9) Equilibrium

Christian Bale before he started commanding massive sums of money following his role in The Dark Knight trilogy, Equilibrium had the premise of a knockoff Matrix (remember how huge that movie was?) but ended up competing in quality. But seriously, Christian Bale looks like a baby in this movie.

8) Star Trek

Netflix has a ton of Star Trek content, enough to keep any Trekkie happy for months. From new movies like Into Darkness to some of the more classic flicks like Generations and Nemesis, Netflix has them all. We limited ourselves to bulking them all together here otherwise this list would be mostly just Star Trek movies.

7) A Trip to the Moon

This short film was made in 1902. 1902!!! Before we even had the ability to THINK about going to the moon, this movie was made. It’s only 12 minutes so there is almost no reason not to give it a quick stream.

6) Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Seriously, watch the below trailer and tell us it’s not awesome. There’s something about vintage sci-fi pseudo-horror that just gets us all excited. Note that this is actually a remake of a 1950s movie, despite being over 30 years old itself.

5) The Fly

Jeff Goldblum before Independence Day and Jurassic Park? A movie about him turning int a fly or something? Yeah, The Fly should be required viewing for all film students. It’s probably best enjoyed with a few cold beers and a sense of humor.

4) Metropolis Restored

Art Deco 1920s sci-fi might be the best the genre has to offer. Metropolis Restored is basically a Twilight Zone episode extended over a feature film length, but we’re certainly not complaining about that.

3) Starship Troopers

When you stop and think about what you’re actually watching anytime you view Starship Troopers, you quickly realize this is actually a giant mock of propaganda films. Starship Troopers was kind of awkwardly received after it’s initial release, but has grown an incredibly large cult following for its ridiculousness. 

2) The Day the Earth Stood Still

No not the one with Keanu Reeves, the classic 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still is classic alien invasion. From the ships to the alien appearances and the voice they use, this movie terrified us all of space travel. To think people thought this was actually scary back in the day is the best part of this film.

1) Total Recall

I’m not sure if we had reached Peak Arnold by 1990 when Total Recall had released (our vote is no), but while we all enjoy his huge collection of films, very few top Total Recall. Not to mention the scene with three boobs left a lasting impression on a lot of us at the time we saw the film.