The O.C. was Made for Binge-Watching, So That’s What We’re Going To Do

watch the oc online

It was my freshman year of college when ‘The O.C.’s’ first season aired, and admittedly, it took a few months before I truly bought into the show alongside my entire dorm floor.

But enter Oliver Trask, and I was immediately hooked (and screw TV Guide for calling him a “cookie-cutter villain,” that’s some bullshit, he’s nearly perfect in his evil genius).

I was a bit too young to remember the drama and intrigue from shows like ‘90210’ and ‘Melrose Place,’ so ‘The O.C.’ quickly became the drama that I was looking for while entering the twilight of my teenage years.

But flash back to 2003 and things like Netflix were merely a DVD delivery service and streaming TV online was kept mostly under the radar and felt extremely inconsistent. So in order to get caught up when the first season was halfway done, I used university network services like DC++ which allowed me to catch up quickly with all my friends. And once we were up to speed, we painstakingly waited week after week for new episodes, what a drag.

But great news for O.C. fans everywhere, it’s now easier than ever to stream ‘The O.C’ online, both on The CW Seed and on Hulu. The entire series is now up, meaning those looking to watch ‘The O.C.’ online are now free to do so. And let us tell you, it is oh so very worth it.

The series is basically made to binge-watch, with the first season being some of the best teen drama during the early aughts. When we started streaming the first season on Hulu this weekend, it quickly took over our entire evening, hooked immediately once again after Luke throws that classic punch and delivers the line “Welcome to The O.C., bitch…” as he walks off.

We’re back.

From introducing us to countless “indie” bands of the time, jumping the shark at least a half-dozen times, and being nothing more than a thinly veiled daytime soap opera, it’s just so impossible to resist singing along to the opening theme song, “California” by Phantom Planet.

‘The O.C.’ is terribly corny, the dialog is ridiculous, the ‘teens’ are all in their mid 20s, and the relationships between the characters magically develop at light speed, but guess what, that still can’t hinder the nostalgic memories. ‘The O.C.’ is perfectly terrible in every way we could ever want, and now we’re going to obsessively watch every episode we can until we reach the dreaded series finale.