The Best Skiing and Snowboarding Movies Streaming on Netflix

With winter nearly upon us, that means its time to dust off the snow gear and get ready for a great season in the mountains. While there’s probably plenty of NBA games or NHL games to stream online, there’s also plenty of snow sports to enjoy.

But what about during your days off? How can you still get a thrill during the winter months while taking a break, sitting on the couch? We’ll break down our favorite streaming movies and specials available streaming instantly on Netflix.

The best snowboarding and skiing movies on Netflix:

The Art of Flight

Beautiful cinematography, some amazing runs and absolutely beautiful locations. ‘The Art of Flight‘ is a must watch for anyone wanting to get an adrenaline rush without having to put on any warm clothes.


A Jeremy Jones special, and absolutely one of the best. One of the original legends of snowboarding is still absolutely crushing it. This one has some terrifying moments including jumping over crevasses and some major avalanche footage.

True to This

Not just snowboarding, but skateboarding and surfing too, ‘True to This’ has a little for everyone, including some chill artful shots, and some exciting fast-paced moments. The Volcom guys definitely know what they’re putting together.


A great documentary about the legendary Shane McConkey. This one definitely features the most of one person, telling their story of how they ended up grabbing adventure by the horns and taking it to the extreme.

Nick Marvik, founder of NWT3K, a ski jacket and snowboard jacket company, says his favorite movies vary season by season, but he loves to take a night off once in a while and stream some footage.

“I love skiing, so when I can’t be on the mountain myself, I love watching other people pulling off some insane stunts. The Netflix library has a few good films for watching extreme snow sports,” he said.

How about you? What’s your favorite skiing or snowboarding movie on Netflix?