The Best New Shows and Movies on Hulu August 2015

best tv shows on hulu august 2015

Another month flying by, and Hulu has recently sent over the list of what’s new on Hulu in August 2015.

As always though, we like to break down the list into just a few of our personal favorites and recommendations, because not all of you probably have as much time as we do to binge watch anything and everything on the streaming services (ok, a good chunk of you probably do).

Here are our top picks of the best new movies and TV shows on Hulu for August 2015:

Hulu Original Difficult People

We have seen the promised land with a few of the first episodes of this new Hulu original series and can confirm it is everything we’re hoping for from all the names backing this project. From Amy Poehler producing to Billy Eichner and  Julie Klausner starring, the show will have you cringe-laughing from the first moments. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Doctor Who Season 8 on Hulu

Remember when there was a big hubbub about Doctor Who disappearing from the internet when Netflix was apparently going to remove it? Well that not only passed over just fine with no changes, but also most people failed to realize that Hulu had Doctor Who the whole time and had no intentions of removing it. Regardless, season 8 is joining Hulu this August.

Hulu Original Hotwives of Las Vegas

Hate reality TV? Do Bravo shows give you headaches? Great news, Hulu original Howtives of Las Vegas hits the service this month, the second season in the anthology. Arguably one of the best parodies of our current indulgence with ridiculous “reality” television. You can catch the first season of Hotwives of Orlando, currently streaming on Hulu. Las Vegas joins this August.

CSI Season 15 on Hulu

Hard to imagine the success of CSI when it kicked off originally, but here we are in the late teens. CSI season 15 will be available on Hulu, who has an exclusive deal on the show, meaning you aren’t getting this season online anywhere else. Want to watch a random episode? CSI Slot Machine has you covered!

America’s Next Top Model: Season 22 on Hulu

Just like CSI, America’s Next Top Model has been a super successful series season after season, and no the 22nd (!!!) season is available on Hulu in August. Easy show to get wrapped up in for several episodes in a row, as each season always highlights plenty of drama to keep you wanting to maybe just see what happens in the next episode.