The Best Movies on HBO Now and Go October 2015

Have you subscribed to HBO Now yet? Still using someone else’s HBO Go password? (cheapskate). Regardless, There are several great movies coming to HBO in October, meaning you get instant access to stream them this month. We break down the best movies streaming on Now and Go below. And now that fall is here, you can feel guiltless knowing you’re not wasting precious summer hours sitting on the couch watching dozens of movies in a row each weekend!

You can get the full list of what’s new on HBO in October here

The best movies on HBO Now and Go in October:

American Sniper

Definitely not a war movie for the faint of heart, American Sniper was awarded for its brutal depiction of the job of Chris Kyle, a marine sniper serving in the Iraq War. The movie shows not only the brutality faced by military personnel in Iraq, but also the difficulties when transitioning back home into civilian life.

Little Miss Sunshine

The darkest of dark comedies when it comes to family vacations, Little Miss Sunshine arguably has one of the most realistically dysfunctional families ever on camera. But honestly, at the end of the movie, a little part of at least some of the characters feels familiar, because the movie makes the characters so relatable to our own lives.


One of the best intros to any movie we’ve ever seen, Magnolia mixes the strange and surreal into a beautifully crafted film with one of the best endings, at least within the context of the entire movie, in recent memory. The movie doesn’t feel weird just for the sake of being weird, it’s just a surreal experience altogether.

The Rock

Classic action, semi-terrible Nic Cage acting at its finest, and two straight hours of explosions, prison escapes and car chases through downtown San Francisco. The Rock probably remained our favorite movie through the age of 12-16 as one of those VHS tapes we could always put in and be entertained for the entire film, no matter how many times we had seen it prior.

Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks at his finest, which is almost always. Blazing Saddles is classic Brooks humor set in the old west, with plenty of creative liberties taken for the time period. The cast is instantly recognizable, the dialog is standard Brooks writing, and the story remains ridiculous and hilarious the entire time, a must see if you haven’t already seen it, but we’re willing to guess even if you have, it’s worth a rewatch.