The Best Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Hulu October 2015

In case you missed the news earlier this month there is a huge list of movies joining Hulu in October as their deal with EPIX brings hundreds of new titles to the streaming service and its subscribers. But not all of you have quite enough time to watch every new movie and TV show joining Hulu, so we’ll break down a few of our favorites.

The Good Wife Season Six

One of the best shows ever to come from CBS, The Good Wife has been a smash hit ever since its first season. With the next installment gearing up this fall, now is a great time to go back and watch the sixth season as a quick refresher. There were a lot of opinions about the sixth season, but we’ll let you watch and debate the show yourself.

The Blair Witch Project

Sure maybe it isn’t some groundbreaking film, but when this originally came out, The Blair Witch Project spooked us all into thinking that perhaps this was actually found footage, and not just a low budget horror movie. With Halloween fast approaching, what a better time to relive the film, and sit in the fetal position at the end of the movie when that guy is just standing in the corner…


Maybe one of the slowest movies we have ever watched, but the dry humor and insanely lovable characters make Nebraska such an enjoyable film, that even the mundane nature of the plot are quickly forgotten. Following an old man as he attempts to redeem his million dollar prize, all while meeting a cast of hilarious characters along the way. Truly the best part of this film is the relationship between father and son.

They Came Together

One of the dumbest movies we have ever watched but They Came Together had us almost crying on the floor we were laughing so hard. We’ll just go ahead and caveat this one by saying if you don’t think Wet Hot American Summer is funny, this movie won’t do it for you, but we thought it was fantastic, and it’s now streaming instantly on Hulu, so we think if you can handle some crude humor it’s worth a shot.

You’re Next

One of the more interesting horror movies of recent memory, Your Next has plenty of twists and turns baked into the classic style of horror where a house full of people is slowly getting killed one by one. Sure, plenty of cliches, but all things considered it was certainly entertaining. This is a great pick for October with Halloween fast approaching.