The Best Movies and TV Shows on Netflix October 2015

While Netflix is losing a long list of great titles in October, there is still a pretty long list of new movies and TV shows on Netflix next month to make up for it. We always like to take a look at the list and call out some recommended movies and TV shows for those of you a bit more strapped for time who can only pick a few things to binge.

Below you’ll find our top five best TV shows and Movies on Netflix in October. How about you, what are your favorite titles joining Netflix?

Million Dollar Baby

Old boxing coach hates everyone except his one best friend. Young scrappy fighter finds her way into the gym looking for instruction, but old coach is reluctant to train her. That’s the general theme of Million Dollar Baby, but the best part of this film is the quality acting and story throughout. 100% worth a watch.

Beasts of No Nation

The reviews are in and apparently Beasts of No Nation delivers an intense, emotional story about a young child soldier recruited into an African militia. We’re betting big money that this movie ends up with several major awards nominations come Oscar season, which would be a major step up into the big leagues for Netflix original movie production.

iZombie Season One

The CW has really dialed in a near perfect formula of some of the best television out there. iZombie is no exception. Without spoiling too much, iZombie has a really creative concept, is acted brilliantly, and never takes itself too seriously giving it a ridiculously entertaining angle. With the second season about to start airing on TV, now is the time to start watching.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story’s anthology style has been an incredibly fun experiment in modern television. Where most shows fight to retain talent or a working story, AHS risks it all every season. Some might argue that Freak Show fell a little flat relative to earlier seasons, but we didn’t see a decrease in quality. The show isn’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy some bizarre and unique television, give this one a shot.

The Flash Season One

Finally! Everyone was wondering when The Flash season one would be on Netflix and we’ve finally arrived. The Flash’s first season was almost an instant classic, and has quickly cemented itself as one of The CW’s most popular shows. We expect this trend to continue, so get on board now and early.