Surprise! Netflix Releases Season Two of ‘The 100’

the 100 season two netflix

Each month, Netflix releases a list of what’s new on instant stream, but every once in a while, in the last moments of the month after these lists are released, Netflix will surprise us all with a last minute deal.

For those of you paying really close attention, you might have noticed that Netflix released season two of ‘The 100’ a show many had been wondering about when it came to being able to stream the second season online. For those in the US, the entire second season of ‘The 100’ is now available in its entirety.

For those less familiar with the series, ‘The 100’ follows a group of space station residents who are sent back down to Earth a century after a nuclear apocalypse to determine the condition of the planet.

The show doesn’t pretend to be much more than it needs to be, with the general commentary that ‘The 100’ is fun, interesting, and never tries to be too serious. Most fans of the series say if one wants to enjoy the series, give it 4-5 episodes in the first season and by that point the odds are good the show will hook most in for the rest of the series thus far.

Season one and two of ‘The 100’ are both available to stream online on Netflix. The CW will be premiering season three of ‘The 100’ in spring 2016 for a mid-television season premiere.