STUDY: Half of All Homes with Internet Can Use TV for Streaming

The long march from traditional cable to an internet-driven streaming future continues. This latest study we picked up from from Connected Intelligence took a look at the number of connected or “smart enabled” televisions inside internet-enabled households. It looks like the tipping point may have come and gone in 2015 as 52% of households reported being equipped to stream video with their televisions.


This not only includes your obvious streaming boxes like Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. In fact, more people have Video Game Consoles that would allow them to stream to their television using a Netflix or Hulu app of some kind.  About 1/4th of internet enabled homes have TVs who can get the job done on their own.

This is just more evidence that the “average Joe” is getting equipped to possibly “cut the cord” and transition to video on demand services exclusively such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Both Roku and Apple released updated versions of their devices last year which likely led to the big increase you see in this study.