UPDATE 2017/2018: The Chiefs games on broadcast networks NBC, FOX and ESPN are now available on DIRECTV NOW this year, no cable required. If you’re an AT&T Wireless customer you’ll save a ton of money as well. Sign up for their seven day free trial to see if it’s for you:

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The Kansas City Chiefs were founded in the 60’s by Lamar Hunt and were known as the Dallas Texans. The team started out like many others as a charter member of the AFL but soon relocated to Kansas City and joined the NFL in 1970. Though the Chiefs are no slouch on the field, it still seems strange that they are valued at just around $1 billion. After the St. Louis Rams relocated to Los Angeles, the Chiefs are the only Missouri-based NFL team. They share a division with the Broncos, Raiders and LA  Chargers.

Kansas City Chiefs Games are Live Online with Sling TV

Sling TV has nothing to do with the Kansas City Chiefs except for the fact that it gives you the ability to live stream a number of sports channels including ESPN, Fox Sports, and the NFL Network. All of these channels ensure that you’ll have no problem streaming the Kansas City Chiefs whether you’re in class, on a date or passing time at your minimum wage job. All subscribers can download the Sling TV app for their respective smart device and with $20 a month for the cheapest package its comparatively less expensive than what you’d otherwise pay. You also get TNF, MNF and SNF games included because those channels are available as well.

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Watch Chiefs Games Live Without Cable with DIRECTV NOW

Chiefs fans rejoice! It just got easier to stream your team’s games. If you like Sling, DIRECTV Now’s service is a bit newer but has all the channels you’re probably looking for too. ESPN, MTV and of course you’ll be able to stream those special, hard to find Chiefs games online as well. You get a 7 day free trial so you can probably afford $0!

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Watch the Kansas City Chiefs via the Official Website

The official website of the Kansas City Chiefs should be the first place you visit to catch up on all the latest team news. The website has a community section, a place to catch a glimpse of the newest cheerleaders and watch highlight reels from previous games. Though the Chiefs have a relatively decent website, it’s not mobile friendly, and there is no chat option like some of the other teams. That said its free and so you get what you don’t pay for!



Streaming the Chiefs with the NFL Game Pass

The NFL game pass costs $100 which is fair but still expensive for someone who’s watching a game that’s already been decided. NFL Game Pass only shows previously recorded games. That said if you feel that you owe the NFL a little something but don’t have enough for a cable connection then this option might do it for you. Good luck avoiding Chiefs spoilers! Avoid your richer friends who watched them live.

Other Ways of Streaming The Chiefs Game

The Chiefs are not live streaming on Netflix or Hulu and probably never will be. They are, however, on Playstation Vue and Verizon’s NFL Mobile app. Give those a try if you’re not into Sling.

This season you can watch all TNF games on Amazon Prime. It’s for members only but there’s a 30 day trial. The Chiefs play on Thursdays sometimes so give it a go:

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Illegal Methods of Watching the Chiefs Online

Online streaming the Kansas City Chiefs is easier than ever before as discussed above. However, try to stay away from so called free streaming websites because those are hosted by foreign pirates and they are not the warm and fuzzy types either! You’re likely to catch a virus since half of illegal sports live streams contain them and you’ll miss out on the Chiefs game anyway.