Streaming Service Subscriptions Projected to Hit 330 Million by 2019


File this one under: “duh”.  Everyone knows the cord cutting world is exploding but now, Juniper Research has put a number to it: a very big number. According to the report, 330 Million streaming accounts will exist by 2019.

Now, many if not most of these subscribers will maintain multiple accounts eg. you subscribe to both HBO Now and Netflix– but still the number is impressive. That means a lot more money is on the table, which often means more investment from the business world at large.  The report didn’t dive into how many USERS would maintain these accounts, which would be interesting to look in to.

The study also found that users favor their primary, traditional TV screen for watching TV. This is also no surprise as streaming an epic like Game of Thrones to your smartphone just doesn’t cut it for the real fans. We want to see that naked fantasy-world flesh in life-sized HD!  Right?…. guys?…

Anyway, 2019 may seem like the distant future but in just four years traditional TV may become the minority in an ever-evolving world of video entertainment. As devices and internet connections improve we’ll continue to see a movement from traditional cable or satillite streaming, to broadband on-the-go streaming whenever and wherever you want.

The Revolution Will be Streamed and we’ll be here covering it all.  How many accounts of the 330 Million do you own?  We asked our audience to chime in a while back. Check out those results to continue the conversation.