KTTV also referred to as Fox Los Angeles or Channel 11, is a Fox owned and operated television channel in LA. It is part of a duopoly agreement between Fox and MyNetworkTV which owns and operates KCOP-TV. Both channels share facilities in West Los Angeles with their transmitter on Mount Wilson. KTTV LA is one of the go-to channels for sports fans in the city since they broadcast just about every local Dodgers game is in addition to all Rams games it shares with KNBC through its Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football segment. In addition to all regular Fox programming, KTTV also broadcasts flagship shows like TMZ on TV and syndicated programming like The Dr. Oz Show.

While KTTV is free to watch over the air for all residents of LA, the fact is that its pretty hard to get in some areas and you can’t stream on the go. So, if streaming is something you’re looking into, then below are a couple of ways to stream KTTV LA online.

Watch KTTV Online Using the Official Website

The one free method of streaming KTTV online is via their official website. Just click the ‘Watch Live’ link on top, and you can start streaming the channel right away. However, this only works if the channel is currently broadcasting live because if not then you’re just watching reruns which is still something! That said since there isn’t an official KTTV LA app we know of so there is no way of streaming it on the go unless you signup for a cord-cutting service like the ones mentioned below.

Live Stream KTTV via AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is owned and operated by AT&T, subscribers to the service can live stream KTTV Los Angeles as well as many other networks. Starting at just around $35 a month it does not require a long-term commitment but with it, you can stream KTTV live on the go with its series of apps for Android, iOS, Chromecast and Amazon Fire devices. Try it for free via the link below:


Watch KTTV via fuboTV

fuboTV is another excellent cord-cutting service especially if you are a sports fan and want to stream KTTV LA. Like the one mentioned above this service starts at $35 too, but with it, you get a slightly different selection of local and international networks. Additionally, they also have many apps for iOS, Chromecast, Android devices, etc. Try the service today by clicking below.

Try FuboTV Free for 7 Days

Stream KTTV with Hulu TV

Hulu’s recent streaming service called Hulu TV streams a host of local channels including KTTV. Now not to be confused with Hulu’s regular service, this one requires a separate subscription of $7.99 a month which is subject to change whenever they want. Though make sure that you are interested in all the channels they are streaming in addition to just KTTV.

Methods of Streaming KTTV for Free

As mentioned above KTTV is free to watch across LA which means if you manage to put up a big enough antenna on your roof then more power to you! Though you’ll not be streaming it on the go but its still free and live if you have a TV!