9JKL is a CBS sitcom produced and created by Dana Klein and Mark Feuerstein. The sitcom stars Elliot Gould, Liza Lapira, David Walton and Linda Lavin. 9JKL revolves around Josh Roberts who is a recently divorced actor who comes to live in his parents’ apartment in 9K. His family, i.e., his brother, sister-in-law and their newborn baby live in 9L while is parents live in apartment 9J. While you’d imagine that living close may make life easier for the recently divorced Roberts, the fact is that it makes for some awkward situations. Apparently, his parents and his brother’s family are incapable of setting boundaries.

Fans of sitcoms like Friends, Young Sheldon and the Big Bang Theory will not want to miss 9JKL. Below is how you can live stream every episode of the show from the comfort of just about any smart device you may own.

Watch 9JKL Live with CBS All ACCESS

The Paramount Plus’ app gives fans of shows like 9JKL the ability to live stream the latest episodes. At just $6 a month, you may be limited to just CBS shows, but the app works great on iOS and Android devices so you’ll never miss another episode of your favorite show again. That said if you want to watch more than just a couple of CBS shows there are other cord-cutting services worth considering. Though you can check out Paramount Plus for 30-days free via the link below.

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Live Stream 9JKL Live with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is a cord cutting solution by AT&T. The service streams CBS in addition to over a hundred other channels like CNN, AMC, Syfy, etc. So, in addition to watching all CBS shows like 9JKL live you’ll be able to watch other hit shows as well, not bad for a service starting at just $35 a month. Plus, AT&T TV NOW has apps for iOS, Android, Xbox One, Chromecast, etc. so you’ll have no problem streaming on the go! Try the service free via the link below.


Live Stream 9JKL Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is another highly reputed cord-cutting service which enables subscribers to stream dozens of channels live via their web browser and apps for various devices. However, even though you won’t be able to live stream 9JKL live with the service, we’re still mentioning it since it’s a excellent cord cutting service starting at just $20 a month. Try it free for 7 days via the link below.

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Streaming 9JKL on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix no longer has CBS shows, and so we are sure that you won’t be able to start streaming 9JKL anytime soon. Though nobody’s stopping you from using another service!

Hulu may also not get episodes of 9JKL anytime soon. Though we will update you if and when they start appearing on the service.

Amazon prime has episodes of 9JKL available for download in HD. Though for $2.99 an episode we think it’s pretty steep but worth considering since you can watch it at your leisure without an internet connection once downloaded.

Other Methods of Streaming 9JKL Live for Free

We honestly don’t know of any free and legal methods of streaming 9JKL or any other CBS show for that matter. Those that are free are illegal and not worth going to jail for, so we suggest sticking with the legal methods mentioned above. It goes without saying that there aren’t any boundaries in prison, not even when taking a shower!

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