‘Stranger Things’ Review – Netflix Tips Its Hat to 1980s Classics

Stranger Things

Releasing a new show during the middle of the summer seems like a risky move, especially for Netflix as they work to develop their instant streaming library. But being the responsible Netflix binge-watcher I am, despite the sunny weekend, quickly found myself hooked streaming through ‘Stranger Things’ in short order.

The initial pitch on the series here is that ‘Stranger Things’ takes inspiration from 1980s sci-fi movies like ‘ET’ and ‘Goonies’ where young kids get wrapped up in the supernatural. ‘Stranger Things’ sets the tone early with clothing, music, small town settings, and more. No doubt the aesthetic of the series reached its goal, no questions asked.

The series immediately captivates as a young boy goes missing after a strange interaction with an unknown creature in his family’s shed. The hesitation towards trying to label it as anything more than a mix-up leads to a slow reaction from the local police. But as events in the town get stranger and stranger, including the sudden appearance of a missing girl, the local residents all start to take notice of Will’s disappearance.

The antagonistic element of mysterious government spooks mixed with the young girl’s supernatural abilities as they hunt her down make for an instantly engaging story.

Kudos on the production, including music and setting playing a key part in establishing that classic 80s environment without making the series rely on cheesy nostalgia. While these things all add to the story, it never felt like a gimmick.

The show definitely leaves the opportunity for a second season, and fans are already calling for Netflix to renew ‘Stranger Things’ for round two, but no word yet from the streaming service. We’d expect some news shortly, likely within the next two weeks. Netflix is quick to announce popular series renewals, we’re predicting this one makes the cut.

You can now stream the first eight episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. watch the trailer below: