‘Stranger Things’ has Caused a Spike in Sales of 80s Classic Film ‘Goonies’

stranger things goonies (2)

Netflix gave everyone a summer treat with the release of hit sci-fi throwback ‘Stranger Things.’ The series, following a group of young children fighting evil forces appearing from a nether realm, quickly won the hearts and minds of viewers for it’s entertaining story, delightfully nostalgic setting, and great performances from a relatively unknown cast.

The series has been compared to 80s classic films such as ‘E.T.,’ ‘Goonies,’ ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ among others, and the parallels are certainly evident. ‘Stranger Things’ brought back some classic memories from childhood enjoying these films, and handled the similarities with respect. There’s no doubt the story stood nicely on its own, but that appeal to wonderment certainly added an extra level of fun that has been sorely missed until now.

‘Goonies’ was the 58th most popular movie on Amazon last month

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprising, this recent affection for the 80s has led to a spike in sales for those same films that have offered influence to ‘Stranger Things.’ Most notably, ‘Goonies,’ the film with the most direct comparisons, was the 58th most popular DVD sale on Amazon last month, not bad for a film that released over 30 years ago. In months prior, the film didn’t crack the top 1000.

There is still no word yet about a second season of ‘Stranger Things’ but there’s no doubt that Netflix and the show’s creators are pushing toward making that happen; it’s hard to imagine Netflix would let this show go stale. Our guess is that the first season was probably relatively cheap, but under this massive and likely unpredictable popularity, costs start to skyrocket, leading to lengthy negotiations.

Without spoiling anything about the series for the dozens of Netflix subscribers who haven’t yet watched the show, ‘Stranger Things’ definitely left plenty on the table for a followup season.

Barb, on the other hand, probably won’t be back anytime soon…

Watch the trailer for Netflix original ‘Stranger Things’ here: