[RUMOR] Black Mirror on Netflix? The Show’s Creator Hints at a Potential Deal

black mirror on netflix

Black Mirror is like none other.

The dystopian anthology series maintains a dark, unapologetic approach at both its own stories alongside satirical commentary buried beneath some innovative premises.

For those less familiar with the series, each episode features its own cast, story and reality. Think American Horror Story but on a per episode rearrangement, not per season. The show takes some major risks from a viability standpoint but the risk has been rewarded with a great run of entertainment for viewers. The show has been hailed as a modern day Twilight Zone, and those comparisons seem fair.

The show hasn’t maintained much of an order per se, as the seven total episodes have aired over three years, not exactly a rapid production model.

There’s a bit of a rumor floating around the web right now, largely in part to show creator Charlie Brooker, that Black Mirror is being courted heavily by streaming giant Netflix right now to continue the series as a Netflix original. This info certainly passes a sniff test as Black Mirror would make a great addition to the Netflix originals list.

According to RadioTimes Channel 4 has said not so fast, as they are certainly still interested in airing the series as well. Channel 4 and Netflix have coexisted peacefully in the past, but certainly one would like to lock up the lead role of owning the rights on Black Mirror, due to it’s growing cult following.

Watch the Black Mirror series trailer below: