RUMOR: Amazon Video’s New Standalone Service? Setting Up an Apple TV Debut

apple tv amazon video

Rumors have been flying around for months that Amazon was preparing to launch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV sometime in 2016, and we’re sniffing out some details that might offer some more weight to this argument.

Apple has stated numerous times that Amazon is more than welcome to develop an app for their set top box, despite Amazon arguing that isn’t the case. We’re not sure who to believe, but for those who haven’t been paying terribly close attention, all you need to know is that 1) Amazon Prime Video isn’t on Apple TV and 2) a leaked customer service rep conversation earlier in the year hinted that Amazon was working on it.

A brief backstory on Amazon Prime Video might be helpful here too, as most are now aware, the streaming video portion of an Amazon Prime membership was originally nothing but a small incentive to sign up for two-day delivery. But then Amazon saw a sparkle of hope in this auxiliary service and started to throw some major resources behind it, turning it into one of the biggest streaming libraries in the world.

Now, they’re expanding, buying moreĀ original shows, and building a separate streaming app from the ‘Prime’ offering. With this standalone service comes a cheaper price point, as the two-day shipping and other services will not be included, thus Amazon will likely look to partner with third party distribution to bolster subscriber numbers. In other words, they built an option that they can easily share.

A perfect place to do that? Apple TV.

One of the most popular set top TV devices for streamers, Apple TV has the reach to drive millions of subscribers towards Amazon Video. While there are workarounds, at the end of the day nothing is easier than their voice search functionality and ease-of-use interface.

We’re predicting that with the release of standalone Amazon Video, it’s only a matter of time before people can sign up for the streaming service on their Apple TVs.