River on Netflix – One of the Most Underrated Shows Yet

river bbc netflix

While the world has been losing its mind over new Netflix original ‘Making a Murderer’ another crime show has quietly become one of our favorite shows available to stream on Netflix, BBC’s ‘River.’

The show stars Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard as Detective River, a man who sees the dead involved in his investigations. But River is a complicated man, and is not sure if this is some mystical power or some psychological issue thus un-diagnosed.

The show has had raving reviews but compared to other shows recently released on Netflix, the show seems to be on a slow burn. However, as of late the series has seen an uptick in commentary, both critically as well as via social media, where the show is starting to grow a healthy fan base. In other words, now would be a great time to start watching the series before you end up three seasons behind unable to justify spending an entire weekend catching up on the show. Yeah, that sounds terrible and something nobody would ever do with a TV show on Netflix, right?

‘River’ is now streaming on Netflix, meaning subscribers can get instant access to the series, and we highly recommend once you recover from your New Year’s Eve partying that you give this show a shot, you won’t regret it.

Watch the BBC trailer for ‘River’ below”