Pixar Movies on Netflix in 2016? Profiles Starting to Reveal Themselves

pixar on netflix

There’s no doubt that the announcements of new shows and movies joining Netflix have been getting a little slimmer with each passing month. December 2015 was actually one of the smallest lists we’ve seen yet.

But  we stumbled across something interesting this week referencing the deal between Netflix and Disney announced back in 2012 that makes us excited for next year, when hopefully Netflix sees several of our favorite movies released on their streaming service.

We found profile pages for three of our favorite classic Pixar films, ‘Toy Story,’ ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ and ‘Finding Nemo,’ which you can see below:

toy story on netflix
Toy Story’s Netflix Page
finding nemo on netflix
Finding Nemo’s Netflix Page
monsters inc on netflix
Monsters, Inc.

Here are links to the three pages as well, for those with Netflix subscriptions:

Toy Story

Finding Nemo

Monsters, Inc.

While not a whole lot of information is currently on the pages, it’s exciting to see the films at least with their profile pages, acting as a good sign that they are a part of the big Disney deal. Netflix is reportedly paying $300 million a year for the rights to Disney and Disney-related content, certainly expensive, but access to these films is definitely welcome news for Netflix subscribers.

Netflix has stated many times recently that their focus is going to be on creating original shows and movies themselves instead of trying to duke it out in the ever-growing landscape of SVOD providers. What used to be a simple deal between content owners looking to make a few bucks off of their back catalog has quickly become an extremely competitive landscape. Now content providers have any number of services bidding for the rights to stream their TV shows and movies, all the while these owners needing to determine if they should simply stream the content themselves and keep all the profits.

Regardless, an expansive deal with Disney certainly feels like the right move for Netflix. As they approach 70 million global subscribers and are looking to continually expand internationally, partnering with a major brand such as Disney seems like a great deal.

We’ll keep hunting for other profile pages to see what else we can dig up, check back for updates in the coming days.