Orange is the New Black season three trailer is live!

oitnb trailer premiere season three

Netflix original Orange is the New Black premieres June 12th and Netflix is teasing fans of the show with a new trailer. Not a lot about the show’s newest season is revealed except a quick glimpse into a batch of new prisoners being dropped off, already with some telling signs this new batch will have its own unique personalities.

The third season will have 14 episodes, all available immediately on OINTB’s premiere. Wikipedia has a list of episode titles (no spoilers that we can tell). We’ll be curious to see how Netflix continues to stretch the story of all the women involuntarily within the walls of Litchfield Penitentiary alongside the numerous employees and the interesting dynamics between everyone.

For those less familiar with the show, Orange is the New Black follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), following her life in women’s prison, based off of Jenji Kohan‘s memoir “Orange is the New Black: My Life in Women’s Prison.” Following her ever-straining relationship with current fiance Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs) through their time together limited by the prison’s visiting hours, and ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) who ends up housed in the same prison as Chapman, Piper ends up becoming a sort of anti-hero in the prison. Her ability to earn favor with guards, grow relationships with many of the other prison characters and establish a sense of political leadership makes for an extremely interesting and believable story. Orange is the New Black feels quite realistic, at least to someone who has exactly zero insight into what life in women’s prison might actually be like.

The show has been praised for being one of the most dynamic casts of any show ever produced and fearlessly focusing on social issues rarely acknowledged in other television shows. Both seasons have been nominated for countless awards and garnered universal acclaim. Many critics argue Orange is the New Black to be Netflix’s best original series yet, and it’s hard to argue against this.

Watch the Orange is the New Black season four trailer below: