Netflix Spends $150 Million on Ryan Reynolds’ Film ‘Six Underground’

“Netflix spends a ton of money for a new movie” could be a headline on this site once a week. The service continues to drop massive amounts of cash to purchase exclusive rights to films.

This all while the service has struggled in recent months to attract more films to their library, as content producers seem to prefer taking their shots at theater and physical media releases instead of a one-time royalty. 

But this week, despite this common trend, Netflix landed Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and his next movie ‘Six Underground’ for a whopping $150 million, their largest purchase for a film yet. For reference, ‘Bright’ starring Will Smith cost Netflix $90 million, so we’re jumping quite a bit in price here.

‘Six Underground’ will be directed by action man Michael Bay, so we all know there will be plenty of explosions and excitement. 

The film is about six billionaires who feign death to create a sort of superhero force to take down bad guys and the like. Details are pretty mum thus far, but regardless, the film is already making headlines. 

We’re not sure how this is sustainable for Netflix, but they still seem to lack that “big win” in original films. A large reason for this is likely because people in the movie business have long preferred to make a movie for the big screen, while rolling the dice on ticket sales and physical video sales. Netflix has traditionally just thrown a lump sum at movie creators, as sort of a “take it or leave it” cash-out.

No release date for ‘Six Underground’ has been set, but we would expect sometime in 2019.