Netflix Renews Nostalgic Throwback ‘Fuller House’ For a Second Season

olsen twins out full house

Haters gonna hate, but Netflix saw something they liked in the data regarding Netflix original ‘Fuller House’ and renewed it for a second season less than a week after its original launch on the streaming service. Variety has confirmed that the series will be back for round two.

Everyone was a bit shocked when Netflix agreed to bring back ‘Full House’ in a sequel following the life of DJ Tanner as she moved into that old famous San Francisco home that we all know nobody could afford anymore. Luckily, the family owned the house back in the early 90s when the city wasn’t completely overpriced.

But we digress…

Critics were panning ‘Fuller House’ pretty heavily last week, slamming the throwback for its seemingly purposeless existence¬†only to have Netflix come out and say, “listen, jerks, the show is for fans of the original, we’re not expecting to move mountains here.” Or at least something to that effect.

Netflix is right, though. The show doesn’t push itself into new territory, but that might be completely missing the point. The show does pretty much make enough references to the original to keep the nostalgic fans happy, but also quickly became a fairly well pieced together after school special. And why should we expect much out of something like this? Yes, the new series is pretty bad, but so was the original ‘Full House.’

You can watch the first season trailer for ‘Fuller House’ here: