Netflix Releases Trailer for Cartoon Comedy ‘F is for Family’

f is for family netflix premiere trailer

Times used to be so simple, or at least that’s what ‘F is for Family’ wants you to believe. Dads go to work, moms stay at home with the kids, and no alternative lifestyles are ever welcome. Hopefully the irony of the show’s premise doesn’t go over anyone’s heads because Netflix lays it on pretty thick.

Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming cartoon original series, their first adult-cartoon comedy since ‘BoJack Horseman’ blew us all away with a phenomenal season two earlier in the year.

While we’ll reserve judgement until we get a chance to watch the whole season, it appears that ‘F is for Family’ is targeted a much lower common denominator than ‘Horseman’ with jokes that feel a bit lower brow. But we will reserve judgement until the full first season┬ápremieres, as of course it took ‘Horseman’ a few episodes to really get going (some people even argue the whole first season), but has quickly turned into a Netflix favorite.

The cast of voice actors for ‘F is for Family’ is certainly top tier in the comedy realm, with Bill Burr, Laura Dern and Justin Long and Sam Rockwell all starring.

‘F is for Family’ premieres on Netflix December 18th, streaming online.

Watch the trailer for ‘F is for Family’ below: