Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer for ‘Fuller House’ – Premiere Date

Everywhere you look… there’s a little bit more information about the rehash of 90s sitcom classic ‘Full House’ under the similar name ‘Fuller House.’

Watch the teaser trailer below:

The new ‘Fuller House’ premieres February 26th, bringing the miniseries revamp in its entirety to the streaming service. But fans of the show are now wondering, will Full House itself be available on Netflix anytime soon? So far, no signs of things to come as Netflix hasn’t announced that it will bring the original to their library, but with two months before the new series releases, plenty of time for things to change.

There are plenty of folks commenting now as well that perhaps it’d be best to leave well enough alone. While ‘Full House’ ended on a pretty strange note, the world likely wasn’t begging for the show to be closed out in any way, at least not in the past decade.

Regardless, the teaser above is certainly fun, if not perhaps a bit romanticized, that the new series will at least be worth a peek.