Netflix Releases Newest ‘House of Cards’ Trailer

house of cards

A lot of people were wondering about what to expect in the fourth season of ‘House of Cards.’ To be completely frank, the general feelings around these parts have been that maybe the series is on the decline. The third season felt a little flat, with most people arguing the story didn’t really develop, leading many to wonder if we might be seeing a dragging out of what started so strong.

But the latest trailer for ‘House of Cards’ fourth season actually seems primed for a comeback. Watch the below clip and tell us your excitement for the show isn’t still ridiculously high.

When the third season ended, Frank and Claire Underwood seemed like they were willing to throw everything they worked for away. But the trailer leads us to believe despite their failing love, perhaps they’re not quite ready to give up their old tricks.

The fourth season of ‘House of Cards’ premieres on Netflix March 4th, with all 13 episodes streaming instantly.