Netflix Releases New Trailer for ‘Fuller House’ – Plenty of Corny Jokes Ensue

For those who just can’t get enough nostalgic content regarding the Netflix original rehash of ‘Fuller House’ we’ve got a sneak peek into the series, as Netflix gave The Ellen Show an exclusive first look into the show.

Plenty of one liners and witty Tanner Family quotes to keep even the most hardcore Full House fan happy. Watch the sneak peek below:

For those less familiar with Full House, we’re staring at you, under 25 crowd, the series followed a San Francisco family all living under one roof just facing the normal challenges of everyday life. But there was plenty of cheesy humor to accompany the show’s weekly episodes, creating several quotable moments far before the internet was really a thing.

Now will the magic strike again with a new generation of viewership as well as do enough to draw back the old casual fans? We’ll all find out come February 26th when Netflix premieres this ‘Fuller House’ reunion.

For those expecting an Olsen Twins appearance, it seems, at least on the surface, that you might be out of luck. They apparently held out which should make for a fun explanation as to what their characters are up to in the show.

The good news, however, it seems like everybody else is back in their old form.